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Voglio che tu sia per me il coltello[…] Un coltello affilato ma misericordioso.


[David Grossman]


” The Waystone Inn lay in silence, and it was a silence of three parts.

The most obvious part was a hollow, echoing quiet, made by things that were lacking. If there had been a wind it would have sighed trough the trees, set the inn’s sign creaking on its hooks, and brushed the silence down the road like trailing autumn leaves. If there had been a crowd, even a handful of men inside the inn, they would have filled  the silence with coversation and laughter, the clatter and clamour one expects from a drinking house during the dark hours of the night. If there had been music…but no, of curse there was no music. In fact there were none of these things, and so the silence remained.

Inside the Waystone a pair of men huddled at one corner of the bar. they drank with quiet determination, avoiding serious discussions of troubling news. In doing these they added a small, sullen silenceto the lager, hollow one. it made an alloy of sorts, a counterpoint.

The third silence was not an easy thing to notice. If you listened for an hour, you might begin to feel it in the wooden floor underfoot and in the rough, splintering barrels behind the bar. It was in the weight of the black stone heart that held the heat of a long-dead fire. It was in the slow back and forth of a white linen cloth rubbing  along the grain of the bar. and it was in the hands of the man who stood there, polishing a strech of mahogany that already gleamed in the lamplight.

The man had true-red hair, red as flame. his eyes was dark and distant, and he moved with the subtle certainty that comes from knowing many things.

The Waystone was is, just as the third silence was his. This was appropriate, as it was the greatest silence of the three, wapping the other inside itself. It was deep and wide as autumn’s ending. It was heavy as a great river-smooth stone. It was the patient, cut-flower sound of  a man who is waiting to die.”



[da  THE NAME OF THE WIND di patrick Rothfuss]


Assicurarsi di avere dell’acetone in casa PRIMA di mettersi lo smalto, assicurarsi di non infilare le dita nel ventilatore DOPO.


  1. il diritto di non leggere;
  2. di saltare le pagine;
  3. di non finire un libro;
  4. di rileggere;
  5. di leggere qualsiasi cosa;
  6. di leggere senza regole;
  7. di leggere ovunque;
  8. di spizzicare;
  9. di leggere a voce alta;
  10. di tacere.

[Daniel Pennac]

Da quando lo lessi su un’antologia scolastica, alle medie, me ne innamorai perdutamente. Io adoro leggere, leggo tanto, a volte troppo, ma lo faccio perchè mi piace, non perchè devo. E’ una delle cose più brutte, e deleterie, obbligare qualcuno a  leggere, o imporgli come leggere. Leggere è un piacere, se diventa un’imposizione.. che piacere è??


…gli faremo cortocircuitare i coglioni….

[Stefano Benni]